Why we should not wear heels?

Wearing heels makes strain on the inner knees which partially causes osteoarthritis in their knees.

It causes joint and ankle pain.

There are chances of falling or slip and create pressure on your feet and toes.

It will develop chronic leg pain and muscle spasms.

Heels create pressure on the lower back causing lingering pain.

It strains upper body such as neck muscles and bones of the feet.

Our body weight is evenly spread while wearing flats and in case of heels it is imbalanced.

It is painful to walk long distance with high heels.

Pushes the chest, hip and lower back pain occurs.

Natural Tips for foot care

Heat the water and add little salt and lemon juice.Dip the feet for sometime and wash it with a sprinkler like a scrapper and the bad cells will be removed.This make the foot soft.

Grind henna leaves well and rub them in places and wash with water.Then bursts will be healed soon.

It is good to use good quality shoes because by using low quality shoes,the possibility is high.

Add turmeric powder with coconut oil and make it paste,apply it.By doing so,bile burst will healed soon.You can also add lemon juice in it.

Wash your feet well before going to sleep at night, a little coconut oil can prevents from burning bile.

Apply lemon thoroughly in the feet which removes the dirt in the explosion and cleans the feet.Mustard oil helps to maintain the soft and smooth feet.

Make a paste of Neem ,turmeric ,mix it with coconut oil and apply it.You can also use Neem oil.

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