Why it is bad to sleep after eating?

Healthy foods make us feel our body light and energetic.It boosts our immune system and keep us healthy.Consume more fruits, nuts, cereals and vegetables to stay fit.Avoid oily, fried, junk or processes foods which is hard to our digestive system especially in the night time or before sleeping time.Avoid consuming more carbohydrate foods and highly added sugar products.

Our healthy life is based on what we are eating ,at proper or improper time, about our hygiene and physical activities.Eating on regular time will improves digestion and maintains it healthy too.Have a overall calorie consumption chart to maintain body mass index.Timing of our food should be maintained as follows:


  • Eat breakfast from 7 am – 9 am and not later than 10 am
  • Consume more protein and nutrient foods in the morning.It will give energy for the whole day and keep active and brisk
  • More importantly don’t skip breakfast


  • Do have a gap of 4 hours in between breakfast and lunch
  • The correct time is 12.45 pm and do not delay after 2 pm
  • Meal may consists of full of salads and vegetables and less in calories


  • The ideal time to have dinner is atleast before 7-8 pm
  • Maintain a gap of 3 hours in between dinner and bed time
  • Eat easily digestible and soft foods during dinner
  • Don’t eat late or before bed time

Do physical activities regularly but not on empty stomach. Have some protein before workouts.Maintain clean and healthy hygiene.Doing workouts after a meal reduces blood flow to the stomach and food can’t be properly digested.It slows down the digestion process.Don’t drink more water during meals or right after the meals.Because it dilutes the digestive juices and slow down the process.Talking bath after meal distracted the digestive system.The energy will spend on the surface of the skin and not for digestion.

Drawbacks of sleeping after eating 

  • Heart Burn:Sleeping after meals or dinner on your back causes our digestive system hard to work and slows the digestion.Stomach feels heavy at that time.Excess of stomach acid causes burning sensation stomach to the chest and throat.It also cause burping.It will affect the sound of sleep
  • Weight Gain:We must aware of what we are eating and how much.One must lose more calories then they intake to lose weight.Eating heavy or unhealthy foods like junk, fried , oily or processed foods takes more time to digest and there is no physical activities to break down the calories.This will end up in weight gain
  • Stroke: Sleeping after heavy dinner can affect the normal blood pressure , sugar levels , cholesterol levels and have high risk of stroke because it is difficult to digest last meal
  • Stay away from heavy foods before eating. This includes foods such as pizza, burgers or any fried foods because they are too hard to the body to digest and are highly engaged with calories
  • Don’t eat unhealthy food before going to sleep because there is no chance to burn off those extra calories.Poor sleep habits leads to weight gain
  • Have your food before two hours of sleeping time.This will give enough time to digest the food in an upright position to our body as well as avoiding the feeling of lying down with a huge meal in your stomach. Stop watching TV, computers and mobiles which is good for health
  • Have something light food just to satiate hunger levels
  • Avoid beverages such as coffee and alcohol in the evening, because they harm the quality of sleep
  • If you are wish to have a snack, have something light like crackers or whole-grain cereal. They are easily digestible by our body and are healthy sources of carbs and protein
  • Sleep after the food is digested,then you will feel better and digestive system have to store less as it was burned off
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