Tips for Healthy Eyes

In summer people may suffer from eye problems like eye allergies, conjunctivitis, sty , Ultra violet radiation and dry eyes.We need to take precautionary steps for these problems.Some tips to avoid the above problems.

  • Sty is an inflamed swelling on the edge of the eyelid by bacterial infection.Avoid using expiry eye products, heavy chemical cosmetics, cleaning with dirty hands and contaminated towels to prevent form sty.Keep the eyelids always clean
  • Conjunctivitis is cause by virus makes red eye.It is easily contagious by using same towel, pillows or handkerchiefs. Do not share cosmetics, pillows or bed.Avoid handshakes or touching an infected persons.If you are suffered ,then do not use contact lenses.
  • Dry eyes is common in summer the tear film get evaporated causing irritation.Use sun glasses with UV Protection to protect eyes from dust particles and UV rays.
  • Eye allergies are due to entering of dust particles or other substances into the eyes which causes burning sensation.Avoid dust environment if you have allergies.Wear eye glasses.

Tips for the Healthy eyes:

  • Take extra care while swimming to prevent allergies from chlorinated water and pool conjunctivitis. Make sure that the AC blast is not directed towards your eyes when you are in AC room or in office because it will lead to dry eyes, sensitivity and irritation.Use eye drops if necessary to cool or relax your eyes
  • Wash your eyes to maintain hygiene two or three times daily
  • Take a twenty second break from computer or digital screen.For every 20 minutes look at 20 feet object for 20 seconds.It will reduce the tiredness of the eye
  • During sports wear protective eye glass to avoid any injuries
  • Take care while using contact lenses.Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling lenses.Use doctor prescribed cleaners and drops.Clean the cases properly every time you use. Don’t wear lenses for long time than recommended and while sleeping or even nap
  •  Proper sleeping will give you the freshness.It will rejuvenate your eyes naturally. It will also avoid dark circles.We can find out the causes for dark circles and cure it correspondingly
  • Many drugs can affect your vision. Prior information should be given to your doctor about any eye problems like dry or watery eyes, double vision, light sensitivity
  • Use natural eye products to maintain the surrounding tissues soft.Don’t use chemical makeup items.Clean your eyes thoroughly before or after applying the makeup.Don’t try with the sample store products.If you find any infections or discomforts,stop using the same immediately.Never share the eye cosmetics with others even in family members
  • Eat green leafs,vegetables and fruits to strength the eye.Do regular eye exercises
  • Do eye checkup regularly even you are not wearing the glasses and do routine exercises  for healthy eye.Vitamin D in the sun light boosts your eye vision
  • To remove dark circles,keep the potatoes on the eyes daily
  • Stop smoking because it may create cataracts and other eye problems
  • For those who are working in digital screens or computers for long time,don’t strain your eyes too much.Take a break and relax your eyes compulsorily. Take two tea bags,dip it in water and put it on the eyelids for relaxing the eye every day.Use anti reflection coated glasses instead of normal glasses to prevent the eyes from glare.
  • Wash the eye with cold water as needed or if your eye feels tired

Eat Right Foods

  • Eat foods rich in zinc, vitamin A and C, beta carotene ,lutein and zeaxanthin which will improves the eye sight and help the eyes to resist the light damage
  • Consume more leafy vegetables like kale,spinach,fishes like Salmon, tuna, and other oily fish,carrot,Eggs, nuts, beans, Oranges and other citrus fruits or juices and other protein sources
  • A well balanced diet helps to maintain your eyes and keeps you healthy
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