How to take care of Eyes in Summer?

Eye related illnesses are most common in the summer.They are red eyes ,irritation , dry eyes and swelling in the eyes.It is natural to have the eye effects of the computer’s workforce,but the impact will be higher in the summer.So follow some advice from doctors to maintain the healthy eyes.

Maintain a healthy diet, by avoiding fried foods, processed or junk foods and sugary snacks and soft drinks.All of these foods appear to be associated with an increased risk of cataracts, as well as obesity ,heart diseases and other health problems.Vitamin A, Beta carotene , Vitamin C, Lutein and Zeaxanthin ,Vitamin D, Omega-3 Fatty Acids , Vitamin E , Selenium and Zinc are the essential vitamins and micro nutrient foods.We can intake foods rich in these vitamins and nutrients.

1.Wear Sunglasses

The intensity of sunlight does not leave our eyes when we are out.The people who is in sunlight regularly should wear sun glasses to protect eyes.


Though the head is not clean, eye diseases can occur.So take hair bath thrice in a week.People with eye disease should often wash their eyes in clean water.


Viral and bacterial infections also cause the eye damage.In the summer the viral infections are high.In the event of eye disease,the headache can occur and it should be shown immediately to the eye doctor.

For those working in the computer,the nature of eyes get tired.So give break for eyes ,wash your eyes with water to complete refreshment for the eyes.

4.Give warm for eyes

Give the eyes a warm suit with your palms.Hold your eyes with your hands over 60 seconds.This will get new enthusiasm.You can  also do it while your are working in computer.


Nutrition is very important to protect  eyes.Vitamin A,C,E must be consumed in foods.Eating fruits,carrot,tomato,cucumber may escape from summer sickness.Sleeping daily for 6 to 8 hours will give your eyes complete rest and fresh in the next day.Consuming fish, which is high in omega 3 fatty acids also has been linked to potentially reduced the risk.Eat whole grains to get nutrients for the eye.Dark green and colorful fruits and vegetables are great sources of calcium and folic acid should be included in healthy diet. Sweet potatoes, spinach, kale,carrots, butternut squash are rich in beta carotene.

Some common eye problems in summer


Conjunctivitis or red eye problem in the summer is a contagious disease.It can spread from one person to others either directly or indirectly.It does not spread by looking into the patients eyes.Take essential measures to avoid spreading of disease by

  • Avoiding crowd
  • sharing handkerchiefs , napkins , towels , hands  or pillows
  • Cleaning the hands frequently and keeping it clean
  • Using tissues or cotton swabs to clean the eyes and disposed it properly

Dry Eye

Due to hot and dry climate, the tear film on the eye gets evaporated faster. It causes a burning sensation and irritation in the eyes. This become very severe for the persons who already have dry eye problems . As per the doctors advice artificial lubricating eye drops, avoiding air conditioning, etc helps to reduce the discomfort.

Eye Allergy

Blowing of Hot and heavy air causes the dust particles, small insects or other substances to be entered in our eyes and cause allergy.This can be avoided by wearing sun glasses once you go out , cleaning the eyes frequently with cold water to remove the allergens, avoiding dust environments,ensuring clean water in swimming pool etc.

UV rays

During summer the sun is heavy and high dose of ultra violet rays cause some eye problems like retina problems, cataract etc.So prevent the eyes from UV rays by wearing sun glasses that blocks UV rays, using hats or umbrellas , avoiding direct exposure to sunlight at peak time.

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