How to Reduce Body Heat Naturally?

The normal body temperature of a human is 98.6 degrees with slight changes.We should maintain stagnantly or otherwise it will leads to various health problems.It is also called as Heat stress and the body is not able to cool itself. This may causes health problems like heat cramps, heat rashes, pimples, dizziness and nausea.

Causes of Body Heat

Exposure to very hot sun,heavy exercise,drinking less water and not consuming any fluid or cool food items,eating heat producing foods,excessive hot weather and dehydration are major causes of body heat. The caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods increase the heat in summer.The body temperature needs to be maintained stable for the normal functions  or fitness and health of the entire body.Some stimulants or drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines will increase the body temperature.Increased activities on the thyroid which will rises the metabolic activities by the processes of the body .This can leads to the formation of excessive body heat.Wearing tight clothing.

It results in weakness and lethargy, nausea, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, excessive sweating and a rapid heartbeat ,dehydration.Excessive body heat can be reduced easily by home remedies.

Water:  Water is the gift of god to reduce heat naturally .Drinking water will reduce heat internally and cools the body.We can also bath in cool water.It controls body temperature.

Mint: Mint / Pudina leaves have good effect in maintaining body heat normally.Heat mint leaves in water and allow it to cool down.Then add it water tub and wait for 20 minutes with the whole water and bath it.It will help you from body heat. You can also drink mint water by boiling water along with mint leaves and allow it to cool.Then add tablespoon of honey to mint water and freeze or cool it.It will reduce body heat,nausea and head ache.

Fruits & Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables like cucumber, watermelon, tori,bitter and bottle gourd are rich in water content and have good effect.It will remove harmful toxins or waste substances from our body, which can contribute to body heat.It will keep us to stay hydrated.

Pomegranate Juice: Drink fresh juice of pomegranate with almond oil.It is the natural way of reducing body heat.

Coconut Water: Consuming Tender coconut water  which contains a lot of minerals and vitamins cools down the body.It boosts up our energy and relieves weakness or dizziness.


Fenugreek seeds: Take a spoon of Fenugreek seeds and consume it raw.It is an easy home remedy for relieving body heat.You can also soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and next morning drink that water in empty stomach along with seeds.

Butter milk: Drink butter milk twice a day which will reduce the heat.High cholesterol persons can avoid the butter milk.

Honey Due Lemon: During summer,we can get honey due lemon easily.We can eat it by slices or by extract the juices from it.Along with body heat reduction, the honey dew melon also contains essential nutrients, vitamin B as well as iron. It will be healthier option during summer.

Applying sandal wood regularly on the body will cools the body.Mix sandal wood powder with cool water or milk and apply it on forehead or chest.Allow it for sometime and take a bath.You can also apply sandal wood oil on forehead.Mix coconut oil to sandalwood oil to avoid any skin irritations on your skin.

Vitamin C rich fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruits  and pomegranates can be consumed daily.It is the best remedy for internal and external heat.

Soak your feet in cold water to cool it immediately. Follow a low sodium in your diet and reduce usage of red meat. Avoid eating spicy food,caffeine and drinks which cause dehydration and increases temperature.

Aloe vera juice:We can get Aloe vera naturally and it has plenty of benefits.Extract the gel from aloevera and apply it body or face and leave it for 15 minutes.You can feel the cool immediately.You can also drink the extracted juice from it by adding up sugar or salt.

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