How to get rid of white hair at a young age?

It is also considered important to have a stimulant of the hair,though it is important for food,habits,strains.Many people are using various hair colors to cover the white hair.But it does not helps forever.

The current study has shown that the lowering of copper in the body is the main reason for hair loss.Because copper produces colored melanin in the body.Therefore,due to this nutrient deficiency,the hair is diminished by the color of the melanin,the white hair.Thyroid is also one of the reason for white hair in the young people.

Some of the useful home remedies for white hair issues :

  • Grind fenugreek seeds,Eclipta prostrata(karisalankanni),small amount of natural henna ,dried curry leaves, Hibiscus and make powder.Add these powder and heat the oil and massage it gently and keep for 1 hour and rinse it.You can use this oil regular use. If you do this,you can see a good change in hair.
  • Make fenugreek seeds paste and massage it on sculpt,keep for 2 hours and wash it.You can also use soaked fenugreek seeds in water(night/Before one day) and its paste next day
  • Take iron rich foods like Dates,Fruits,Vegetables,Pearls,Spinach leaves
  • Mix Lemon juice with coconut oil and rub it gently on your hair,massage it with soak and rinse your hair .White hair starts to disappear naturally
  • Dry Gooseberry in the sun.Heat the oil with dried goose berry and massage it on sculpt and rinse.
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