How to Exercise Eyes for Clear Vision?

It is very important to exercise to make our body fit and mind relaxation. Exercise your eyes daily to improve your eye muscles strength, focus, eye movements and stimulate the vision center of your brain. Massaging our eyes helps in improving blood circulation around the eyes and face and helps to prepare for eye exercise. Blinking is the best yoga exercise for eyes. We often forget to blink while watching television or browsing or during serious thinking etc. Blinking often and doing simple exercises for few minutes will strengthens our eye. Blinking helps to keep our eyes fresh and reduces eye strain.

In the present day world about 85 % of the population suffers from myopia and hypermyopia in varying degrees.One should use power glasses only when absolutely necessary.

  1. Treatment with Sun

Start your Day by exposing your eyes to the sunlight for 5-10 minutes. Stand or sit in a place facing the sun with closed eyes. Now move your head from left to right slowly and vice versa. Do this exercise during sun rise before 8am and not when sun is very strong. This will evenly distribute the sunlight over the eyes.

  1. Washing

After this, Wash your eyes with cold/warm water. Take water in eyecup and dip one eye with open. Now move the eyeball up and down, then from left to right 5 times. Repeat the same for the other eye with fresh water.

  1. Palming

After eye wash, rub your palms to generate heat and cover the both eyes for 5 minutes for complete relaxation.Feel the warmth of your palms being transferred onto the eyes and the eye muscles are relaxing. You should not apply pressure on the palms. You should breath easily while palming and there should be complete blackness inside your palms. Repeat palming for three times.

  1. Ball Exercise

Sit comfortably in the chair with straight heads. Move the ball from left to right in downward direction (U-Shape) slowly without moving eyes from the ball. Then squeeze your eyes and repeat this for 25 counts. Don’t move the head while doing the exercise. Repeat the same for upward direction.

  1. Pen Movement

Keep a pen near your nose and move slowly from the nose to far distance. Now squeeze your eyes and repeat 10 times.And also move the pen from right to left and vice versa for 25 counts. Squeeze your eyes for every movement.

  1. Steaming

Boil water and cover your head with a cloth. Blink your eyes few times. Next, inhale through nose and exhale through mouth and repeat for 5 times.

  1. Cotton cloth Pack

Dip a cotton cloth in cold/warm water .After steaming, place the warm towel on your eyes, making sure it drapes over your eyebrows and closed eyelids. Wait for 10 minutes and remove the towel. Now Eyes will get relaxed.

  1. Fine Print Reading

Reading fine print can be very beneficial to cure eye problems.

Relaxing your Eyes:

Take a mini-nap when you feel that your eyes are tired. Put your head back, close your eyes, and relax for 3 minutes. Getting enough sleep is essential for eye and body health. It will helps in your clear vision. You can also place wet towel on your overly tired eyes in your work place for relaxation.

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