How to cure and control Dandruff?


A condition that flake of skin appears on the scalp is called dandruff.It will cause itching.Not washing the hair regularly, using inappropriate hair products are the reasons for the dandruff.Weakened immune system and growing of skin cells and die off fast are also the problems for dandruff.

The heat of the body observes all the oil which we apply on head.So when we comb the hair,this is what we say dandruff. Dandruff can also spread into the ear and cause severe burning.We should not use the comb/hair products of the people who is suffering from dandruff.There is increase in chance of the risk of dandruff when we are over stressed or very sick.

By shampooing our hair more often , then we will wash our natural oil content which causes irritation on the scalp.It also has another concern that is not shampooing enough.It will cause more dandruff because the oil and dead cells will be accumulated on the scalp


  • The person who is having the oily skin,there are more chances to get dandruff
  • Dandruff is worse in the cold, winter season and the person who is sensitive to yeast have a higher chance of getting dandruff.It is also due to the over growth of harmless yeast
  • Combing or brushing your hair often prevents the risk of dandruff
  • Certain hair products may induce the red,itchy and flaky skin.Very frequent shampooing can lead to appearing of dandruff because of the irritation of the skin
  • People with dry skin may have itchy and flaky skin.Stems from dry skin tends to have non oily flakes
  • The person who is having certain skin disorders may affect dandruff
  • Unhealthy diet is also the reason for dandruff.Vitamin B and zinc deficiencies can cause dandruff
  • Stress can also play a role in many skin disorders and hair problems . The youngsters can have major options to be affected by it
  • Some hair treatments or certain products with heavy chemicals cause allergy or sensitivity that dries out our scalp

Home Remedies to reduce Dandruff

  • Take hair bath regularly thrice a week and keep hair clean
  • Massage aloe vera gel extract on the scalp daily. Aloe vera gives natural cooling effect and prevents itching.It also have healthy natural benefits for hair
  • Make a fine paste of small onion and apply it on scalp ,massage it.After some time,rinse it thoroughly.If you follow this,Body will feel cool and dandruff will also get reduced
  • Lemon is the best natural home remedy for dandruff. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a cup of water and apply it on the scalp and wash it.You can do it daily or thrice in a week till dandruff disappears. You can also apply lemon juice extract directly on your scalp
  • Eat foods rich in iron,vitamins and zinc
  • Soy and soap like products increase skin drowsiness and don’t use it frequently.Dandruff can absorb any amount of oil.So apply oil when its dry
  • Avoid foods which are high in saturated fats and trans fats causes to produce more oil resulting in dandruff
  • Don’t use hair products which are inappropriate , with high chemicals or the date is expired
  • Apply coconut oil on your scalp and wait for an hour before shampooing. Then wash your hair

Consult Doctor

There is no need of consulting the doctor for  normal dandruff.If there is a severe conditions then you must consult the doctor.Medical help is needed if

  • there is redness, swelling ,very itchy and signs of infection
  • sign of psoriasis and other skin disorders
  • the dandruff persists after all the home treatment has done and it is not effective


New born babies and young infants have a cradle cap a kind of dandruff like yellow, greasy, scaly patches on the scalp. It appears in the first two months and cure within weeks or one month.By applying baby oil and baby shampooing is enough for it. Consult a doctor if there is swelling , severe itching and spreading to other parts of the body.

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