Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Chicken Pox?

Chicken pox

Chicken pox is caused by viral infection which is named as aricella-zoster virus (VZV).It is contagious to the people around you before the blisters are appear.It also occurs through contact with an infected person.These viruses can spread through saliva,sneezing,coughing,contact with fluid from the blisters,breathing in small particles from the infected person mouth of someone talking.It is also indirectly spread through clothes wore or used by an infected person.When the sores are dry,it is no longer contagious.The most common symptoms are red skin ,itchy rash over the body, headache,red or pink little bumps,fever, fatigue, loss of appetite and aching muscles.

We can take baths with lukewarm water,can wear light weight ,cotton,soft clothing.The chicken pox can be cured by its own within one or two weeks in the most cases.So there is no need to worry about it.It provides immunity for life long time.The persons with low immune system can be contagious for long period of time.

Pregnant women should avoid being with an infected person because it will affect the fetus inside the womb.The contagious virus can cause some birth defects in the child after birth such as skin scars,damage to body or eye etc.

Below are some of the food items we can consume and avoid during chicken pox for recovering soon.

Foods to be Consumed

Vitamin A,Zinc,Calcium and magnesium are the essential nutrients to be added in infected person diet.Consume green color vegetables and fruits which is rich source of vitamin A. Corns, beans, asparagus,soy milk, whole wheat bread and whole grain cereal are rich sources of zinc,calcium and magnesium.It improves sleep,loss of appetite and healing skin scars.

  • Water:Consume more water during chicken pox because there will be dehydration.Ensure that water is boiled and cool down. Don’t share the bottle with anybody.
  • Fruits:Eat plenty of fruits like grapes,bananas,apples,pomegranates,water melon,cucumber which are rich source of water content.It will helps to make a body cool and keeps healthy.
  • Neem: Neem is the best home remedy for chicken pox which has antiviral properties. It relieves itching and dries out blisters. Add neem leaves in bathing water and you can also apply the paste on chicken pox.
  • Carrots are rich in antioxidants which are beneficial in healing process.
  • Coconut water:Drink coconut water in the morning or twice / thrice the day.It is very healthy consists of vitamins.It cools down the internal body and feels cool.
  • Vegetables:Eat more vegetables which is boiled.Don’t eat oiled vegetables.It will give immunity power.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has amazing health benefits naturally. You can apply fresh aloe vera juice over the affected area.Cut the aloe vera into slices and extract the juices and apply it.You will feel cool.It is also suggested to drink aloe vera juice.
  • Curd:Consume curd or butter milk which is rich in calcium that helps in cooling the body.
  • Clothes:Wear cool cotton clothes and stop scratching.Prefer for light weighted clothes
  • Apply pure honey over the skin in thin layer to cure it.
  • Apply basil leaf water on the skin which relieves itching.
  • Ragi: Ragi the finger millet which is rich source of calcium than milk.So you can consume it daily.
  • You can also drink herbal tea with lemon or ginger.
  • Apply coconut oil to get rid from itches when the sores are not leaking.Use cotton for applying it.

Foods to be Avoided

  • Avoid red meat,fish and egg which is heat for the body.
  • Try to not consume oily foods ,junk or processed foods and fried foods.They have no nutrients to add to the body.
  • Avoid non-acidic fruits
  • Don’t consume foods with added sugars , high carbohydrates and hard foods which are difficult to digest.
  • Eat healthy foods that will helps and improves the antibiotics in the body to fight against the infection.
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